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What Our Clients Are Saying About DHA

"Kelly Hughes brings the perfect skill set to the table. She knows and loves books. She knows and loves authors. She knows and loves journalists and media. Kelly can take complex ideas and see others their implications for culture. She can take popular ideas and help others see their deep moorings. She has single handedly put a face on our Press. Kelly’s boundless energy and imagination is only exceeded by her personal warmth. DeChant-Hughes is professional from first to last."

—Carey C. Newman
Director, Baylor University Press


"Kelly Hughes is the IDEAL publicist to work with as she truly becomes your partner on a campaign. Intelligent, witty, thoughtful and persistent, Kelly is the perfect blend of hard-working and fun. She is passionate about the projects she takes and is extremely selective in the books she’ll work on, which I am always grateful for. I was recently in NY visiting with another PR Director at a competitor publishing house. Kelly came up in conversation and a love fest ensued with both of us sharing why she is the perfect publicist to have on hand for your author. I’ve also had media (unsolicited) recommend Kelly and remark on how easy and delightful she is to work with – high praise from people who get pitched all day long. What a true pleasure it is to give her my highest recommendation."

— Heather D. Adams
Heather Adams Consulting
Former Director of Publicity, Thomas Nelson


“In over ten years of working with Kelly Hughes on a wide variety of religion and spirituality books, I’ve found her to be not only knowledgeable, quick, incredibly well networked, but also a person with great integrity and creativity. She is selective about the projects she takes on, but when she takes one of our books we know she’s going to make sure that the book gets the best and most appropriate publicity. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again—I always feel fortunate when Kelly agrees to work with us on one of our books.”

—Sheryl Fullerton
Executive Editor
A Wiley Imprint


"DeChant-Hughes combines a deep understanding of the media landscape with a unique ability to articulate the many angles and messages of religious books for the mainstream like few others. Their dedication to leaving no stone unturned as they chase solid bookings in the quest to help publishers 'make' books is exceptional. Most importantly, they get results."

—Mark Tauber
Senior Vice President & Publisher


“Kelly is, simply put, the very best that there is at what she does. Having, very happily, worked with Kelly both as a media creature for years and most recently as a client, I cannot overstate her unfailing spot-on insight, dry wit, good humor and keen eye for what the story really is. She's a wonder and a blessing.”

—Cathleen Falsani
Award-winning columnist and author of
The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers


“Who knows what secret sauce makes for a successful book? For our project, Kelly Hughes and her team were absolutely experts at making things buzz along. Actually, I think they were part of the secret sauce. I couldn't recommend DeChant-Hughes more highly.”

—David Kinnaman
Coauthor, unChristian


“Kelly Hughes is, bar none, the best in the business. Her constant and unwavering dedication continued to surprise me throughout the entire publicity process. Any writer would be lucky to have her on their team.”

—Benyamin Cohen
Author of My Jesus Year: A Rabbi's Son Wanders
the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith


"Dozens of authors and publishers have told me that Kelly Hughes is simply the very best publicist with whom they've ever worked. They're right. Kelly is wonderfully talented and amazingly hard-working: her carefully crafted plan for publicizing my latest book helped get the book noticed (and reviewed) in nationally known newspapers, magazines, television shows, radio programs and websites. She is unfailingly helpful, energetic and creative."

—James Martin, S.J.
Author of My Life with the Saints and
A Jesuit Off Broadway


"I've had nothing but good experiences with DeChant-Hughes.They worked with me on the A New Kind of Christian trilogy, and I was very pleased with the results. On several occasions, as I've spoken with a journalist about my work, they've told me—unsolicited—that they think DHA is the best in the business. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

—Brian McLaren
Author of the A New Kind of Christian trilogy,
The Secret Message of Jesus, and A New Kind of Christianity


"I sing Kelly Hughes's praises wherever I go. She is energetic, discerning, and utterly trustworthy. Whether the hat I am wearing is that of editor, producer, or author, I know Kelly will deliver excellence every time."

—Andy Crouch
Author, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling


"I've known and worked with Kelly Hughes for more than 15 years, both as a religion writer and as a book client. There is no one better at what she does. Kelly is persistent, upbeat, and incredibly efficient—but never pushy."

—Mark Pinsky
Author of The Gospel According to the Simpsons,
The Gospel According to Disney: Cartoon Faith and Values
and A Jew among the Evangelicals


"A book is like an author's baby, and, as such, we want people handling that book who actually care about it. That may be the best part of working with DeChant-Hughes, that it's clear that they really care about my book. That is invaluable."

—Tony Jones
Author of The New Christians: Dispatches
from the Emergent Frontier


“Kelly Hughes is the best publicist I have ever encountered. When I was the religion editor of Publishers Weekly, I held her up as the model for other publicists. She never wasted my time with generic pitches or excess press materials; instead she sent me brief, intelligent pitches that were laser-focused on what I and my publication needed. Her network of media contacts is unparalleled, and she deeply understands the religion/spirituality market, because SHE READS THE BOOKS. Best of all, Kelly cares about books and authors, and she is a pleasure to work with.”

—Lynn Garrett
President of Lynn Garrett & Associates,
A literary agency and publishing consulting firm


"Kelly Hughes is the consummate media relations professional. She brings her extensive experience, her innovative creativity, and her gentle persistence to every project. She loves books and gives great service to Zondervan authors and the media. We've never been disappointed."

—John Topliff
Vice President of Marketing


"Kelly Hughes is the finest publicist in America! I have worked with her on several book launches and she always exceeds the highest expectations. She is amazingly competent, organized and above all enjoys the respect of the media she is soliciting. They have worked with her before and know that she is trustworthy and professional. She is also a joy to know."

—John Shelby Spong
Author, Eternal Life, The Sins of Scripture, A New Christianity for a New World,
Why Christianity Must Change or Die, Here I Stand,
Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism and
several other bestsellers, and retired Bishop of the
Episcopal Diocese of Newark


"I'd been on the receiving end of Kelly Hughes's excellent press releases and engaging phone calls for several years as a member of the media. I was impressed by her right away—how refreshing to find a publicist who genuinely loves to read! When the time came for me to find an outside publicist for my own book, there was no question in my mind about who I wanted. Kelly went far above and beyond the call of duty in getting the word out about my book. I would work with DeChant-Hughes again in a heartbeat. This agency is quite simply the best around."

—Jana Riess
Author of What Would Buffy Do? The Vampire


"We've been working with DeChant-Hughes for years and have always been impressed with their huge array of media contacts, quick response time, and attention to detail. They have a solid understanding of what the media wants and get results."

—Terry Locke
Senior Vice President
Loyola Press


"I've had the good fortune as a publisher (of Crossroad/Continuum and of Orbis Books) to work with Kelly Hughes for almost twenty years. To have Kelly as a publicist is to have the advantage of a pro who has the attention of key people and of a friend who is not afraid to hold hands with authors throughout the publicity process. When it comes to books in the field of religion and spirituality, she is the best of the best."

—Michael Leach
Orbis Books (retired)


"I've worked with a number of publicists over the years, and DeChant-Hughes is my favorite. They grasp the content of the book precisely, and present it in a way that best uses the author's time. They know the media, and custom-tailor each project for the appropriate outlets."

—Philip Yancey
Author of What's So Amazing About Grace?
and Reaching for the Invisible God



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